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Are Conservatories habitable spaces

Do you have a unused conservatory for large spell of the year. Then you need to look at remodelling your conservatory into a Sun Room which is usable all year round.

The Current Scottish Building Regulations limit you to only having 25% of the proposed floor area in glazing if you look to remove the "thermal break" between the Dwellinghouse and Extension.

You can overcome this by producing a compensatory calculation to accomodate the amount of glazing being proposed by increasing the amount of insulation to the floor, walls and ceiling. Also more thermal efficient windows and door will help increase the amount of glazing allowed within new developments.

Fairgrove Architectural Services is very knowledgeable in this field, so if you are thinking of replacing your existing conservatory with a Sun Room, then please do get in touch where we can design your extension to your requirements.

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